Below are some Members FAQ’s. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us!

My pet used the treatments but still has fleas?
Contrary to popular belief flea, tick and worming control doesn’t just stop with your pet. If your house or property has fleas your pet will still get them from time to time, no matter how much you use. Our flea, tick and worming treatments, although fast acting, are not immediate and if there are fleas on the property your pet will still pick them up. The good thing is that on our plans they won’t STAY on your pet.
So how do I treat my house or property?
We have infestation packs for your home and pets to treat your whole house. These are available from our online store for members at a much reduced rate compared with retail. We also know what your house needs to get rid of them properly. Sometimes, however an infestation can just be too big and the services of a professional exterminator may be needed.
Do you do food as well?

We are currently preparing a food subscription service and will have this up and running in 2018. We want to be your one stop shop with simple monthly payments for your pet’s parasite control, food, treats and consumables like bowls, leashes and toys.

Can I get my pets other pharmaceuticals from you?

At this point we will only be offering non-prescription medications and treatments for parasite control. Without a proper vet consultation and a prescription, we aren’t actually allowed to prescribe veterinary medicines online.

What if I don’t get my treatment/s this month?

Don’t stress, we can always send you another one! Australia is lucky to have a fast and efficient postal service so you should get your pets monthly treatments when they are due or very close to. All our products have printed return PO Box addresses so if it has been lost in the mail we will send you another one, free of charge. Once we receive the returned treatments we will notify you that it has been returned and we will endeavour to find out why it never got there. Simply log in and click the “My treatments didn’t arrive” and follow the prompts. We will make sure your pet is taken care of.

I am moving, my pet is staying at a friends or going to a kennel/cattery. What do I do?

No worries! A lot of people move with their pets and different states and locations have different parasites to take care of. You can change your address very easily to where your pet will be and you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan from your member page when you log in, too. Each animal you have registered will have its plan outlined on your member page and with just a click of the mouse you can change your address and plans very easily.

I just want to put my pet’s membership on hold for a month or two, can I do that?

Yes! You can pause your pet’s plan at anytime for a month, six moths or a year, whatever. Pausing your membership is easy through your membership profile page.

What do I do if the treatments make my pet sick?

Although uncommon, some dogs and cats have a sensitive tummy and a percentage can have a reaction to any medication or change in diet. We can change your pets plan if possible to accommodate a different medication if your pet isn’t dealing with their treatments. We also have external preparations for your pet but all plans will have some sort of tablet that your pet needs at some time. By working with you and your pet we will be able to find a combination that works for them and keep them happy and healthy.

Cat Plan Plan

Kittens and cats

$10 First Month
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Small Dog Plan Plan

Pups and dogs under 20kg

$10 First Month
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Large Dog Plan Plan

Dogs over 20kg

$10 First Month
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