Flea, tick & worming made easy.

Vet dispensed. Cheaper than bulk buying.

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Total parasite protection, sent to your door each month.


Never miss a flea, tick, mite or worming treatment again. Our Vet, Dr Evan Shaw and his team personally send your pet's protection each month when it's due.

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1. Easier and cheaper.
Up to 50% less than pet stores and vet surgery prices.

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2. Worry Free.
Our vets personally pack your pet's protection each month.

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3. Free delivery.
When the blue package arrives, it's treatment time. It's that easy.


Takes less than 30 seconds!


See what other Aussie pet owners say about Fleamail.

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"One less thing to worry about each day to stay on top of my furry friends health care, perfect". Cass C

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"Fleamail is an absolute life saver, knowing that our dog will get his treatments on time, every single month". Karl S

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"Complete parasite protection and no more forgetting my kitty’s monthly preventatives, awesome". Ashlee F

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"An amazing service. Now I don’t have to worry. This is a game changer for my family and pups". Robert E

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"When the blue package arrives it's treatment time, brilliant!"


Ayla Watt, Angel-Paws animal rescue.


For pups and dogs.

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For kittens and cats.

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...proudly all Australian.


Total parasite protection for your pet.
Delivered to your door each month.